Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Web 3.0

We are ready for it. Or maybe we think we are...

Web 3.0 knows everything about you. If you sign up now for Facebook and then, you decide to go to Twitter too (which I have done) you have to fill-in your personal information over again. Web 3.0 will know who you are. Is this going to be more like Itunes Genius or Microsoft Office assistant? And how do we even use this for learning purposes? Lots of questions and most result in the same reaction: freak-out!

Web 3.0 should provide significant performance support. The web browser becomes your personal assistant. Web 3.0 is something called the Semantic Web. The Semantic Web is a place where machines can read Web pages much as the humans read them, a place where search engines and software agents can better walk the Net and find what we're looking for. "It's a set of standards that turns the Web into one big database.

But how is this actually going to work? Will all of the existing content have to be "re-tagged", changed in such a way that the applications can read them as we do? That will take years. So, there is reasearch and there are talks about broweser plug-ins that will read the already there semantic tags, there is open source research in building powerful semantic search engines.

And then, there is the 3D side of Web 3.0, an extension of the Virtual Worlds, a web environment where you can walk around, and the Pervasive Web, the web that is everywhere, cellphone, iPods, TV, radio, etc. Intersting and scary in the same time. Especially for this poor, easter european woman... :-)

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