Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm watching a demonstration

These group of ID's were working on a literacy program for foreigners that had no knowledge of reading or writting. They started with a public software designed to teach illiterate people the alphabet. Few problems to start: the software opens up and the menu is in words (mind you, this people have never had a book or held a pen and paper ever!), there are icons on the screen that don't mean anything, there are no instructions, the icon for spelling is a bunch of bananas (?)... It was developed in ToolBook. This software has a terrible instructional interface. I mean, terrible. We need to buy it just to use it as an example of how things shouldn't be done! Terrible. Horrific.

So, the group of ID's fixed it and everything was fine (they added objectives, user friendly interface, instructions, etc)... They all lived happily ever after!

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