Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rapid eLearning vs. Traditional eLearning

Adobe eLearning Suite - it's all about rapid authoring. Ok. It's actually all about Captivate 4.

I guess I didn't really know that there is a "traditional" eLearning. We are changing quick. :-)
So, the Adobe guy presenting just said that Flash and Dreamweaver are page turners! How about that, Steven?

It's interesting looking at some of these examples. We are really doing some cool things at Obsidian. I will go give this guy my business card at the end of this presentation... See if we can help them a little bit.

There is something we need to look at here: Captivate creates personalized scenarios with decission points and branches based on particular user response. And this can be done without any scripting. I need someone to look at this! This is done only by use of variables within the scenarios. Pretty cool and fast.
Captivate 4 has a speech converter: you type and it converts it into almost studio quality audio. you pick your voice type and click "convert". We could have used this for Well Integrity project!

Captivate 4 has also introduced project templates (you can send them to the SME as a PPT and help the SME organize their content, place the graphics and text to where the ID doesn't need to reformat anymore) and also project reviews (manages comments of multiple reviwers and keeps track of the SME and author's comments). Pretty good tool, I would say.

Here are some interesting numbers: Green eLearning
Annual CO2 impact of a weekly course attended by 20 learners every week is 1200 ton. Here's a tool to determine the carbon footprint for an individual ILT:

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  1. Did you just say you are going to give your card to the Adobe guys?

    ps. Presenter 09 can branch, do we ever use its branching?

    pps. Macs come with text to speech built in as well.