Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Brain based strategies for passionate learning

So, we are starting with the domestication of the horse... Here we are now: technology has changed, how about that?

This is a talk about using your brain. We should thank some of our SME’s for already pointing that out to us.

Everything is related to emotions. The goal as an instructor is to achieve a high level of emotion that motivates the student.

Did you know that there is a Brain Fitness Market? What about Brain Morphology? Kids are being studied in California based on their use of technology and the effect on their brain. Don’t worry; apparently nobody is harmed during this experiment…

So, our brain has grown since the time of horse domestication (interesting). However, the emotional area of the brain, although not larger, is still stronger (That’s based on brain scans). I am starting to wonder about this session… Don’t take me wrong, it completely feeds my science brain, but I want to know how feasible it is to hook up our BP or Landmark engineers to some brain scanner and see how emotional they get when they follow our WBTs… Suggestions anyone?

I am learning now that I have huge problems with my cortex. It apparently filters the world around me, so it is to blame when I see things differently. From now on, please don’t blame me. It’s my cortex!

Oh, and a huge e-learning mistake: showing a video about the brain for 5:38 minutes. Not good.

Fortunately, Dan Rather has an utube video about all these, so you can get a whole lot more information. :-) Also, if you are interested in the Alzhaimer Disease, Dalai Lama, and buddhist monks, it's all in this session. I'll bring handouts. NOT


  1. Oh, i'm sorry. I forgot to tell you something very important: everyone learns differently and everyone has different emotions to the same stimuli! Impressive, right? I left that session bythe way. Although, the powerpoint was awesome - it had flying words and colored titles!

  2. hey, can you post the link to the youtube videos, love?