Thursday, March 12, 2009

Decentralized training problem

This may be news to a lot of you, but corporation have a great problem with decentralized training. :-) Basically, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing in the corporate training department (where there is one).

So, what do you think the Rohm and Haas is doing about that? Other than getting bought by Dow Chemicals... They are building a Community of Practice that allows memebers to generate ideas, find solutions, leverage the strength of others. Sort of Social Networking. Is it to new, though? Is Rohm and Haas ready for it?

Well, they tried. The Education Content Manger was tasked to developing an e-learning training course for all SAP use. Many, many topics and modules. So, the training department created a training community of practice. They developed a logo and branding (guess what their logo is: remember the picture of hands holding a small green plant we used for WM? that's it. That's the logo they have. They invited 12 colleagues at first, they used WebEx for their formal meetings and they posted their comments as a simple blog on their site. Now, a year later, they have about 30 people colaborating from all of Rohm and Haas sites. They seem to have a lot of energy around this effort.

Challenges: obvious - sustainment and growth. That's why we have Kim!

So, maybe it is time to start, although maybe small at the begining...

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