Thursday, March 12, 2009

Technologies in Development

This is a conversation about what's in the pipe as far as eLearning technologies, and LMS. Sounds interesting so far... We will see.

SCORM 2004 4th edition - SCORM 2.0: this will have a lot of features beyond content, will address simulations, ties with HR systems (that sounds like it will be a mess!), lots of communication with all of other systems. Hmmm... maybe couple of years down the road.

This is interesting: Doing quizes and tests using Twitter: you build your courses however you want, then set-up Twitter to send out a question or problem every day/ hour/ week and the user works on it, submits the answer through Twitter also and a separate engine keeps the score...

Wiki's (of course): how about building courses with user generated content? In a business context, we would develop the basic course design, objectives and basic content and the engineers, SME's would fill in the gaps with us moderating. Let's try that at Chevron next week, OK?

And Virtual Worlds again - immerse into your world!

Games: a game that lets you create games with custom designed curriculum. Tina, JMJ is involved in this.

iPod Touch learning. I can already see some smiles in the office. Oh, hold on. You can use any smart phones for that! So there, our giant blackberries will work too!
They are using the cell phones just like we did the polling devices for Waste Management Conference. We way ahead of time, since I remember discussing the use of cell phones for that too.

All of these people at this conference need some help with their look and feel though!

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