Thursday, March 12, 2009


I know... I know... We tried it and we didn't like it.

They do have some new (or maybe not so new) features though:
- in Edit Mode - you can just drag and drop images, animations, content into slides; then, when you preview it, it actually works...
- if there are videos in mpg, or other types, when publishing in Lectora, there is a choice to convert those videos to flv
- adding buttons to any of the slides - from a menu system; adding an action to a button is also just a click away
- it has "508 Compliance" (for users with disabilities) checks
- Notes reports - keeps track with your "to do" list
- I know Steven and Chris (both of them) will love this one: It has an even larger clip-art library!
- They have a Translation tool - it gives you a text file that identifies the content that needs to be translated, once translated, you can load the same text file and the course comes up in a different language
- Lectora Online: available 2nd quarter of 2009 - one can publish and design the course online and use it for in-situ reviews and comments, keeps track of version control (users can work on the same project, on various pages or sections of the project in the same time)

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